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Fractals Soundset for GForce impOSCar2 - released on July 29th 2013.

Pulse Soundset for U-he Diva - released on November 19th 2012.

Emerge Soundset for Synapse Audio DUNE - released on May 1st 2012.

Soliton Soundset for U-he Zebra - released on July 21st 2011.


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Fractals Soundset for GForce impOSCar2 details

1. Main set of 145 sound presets.

2. Chords set of 12 sounds using the chord function. 

3. Arps set of 12 sounds using the arppegiator function. 

4. Midi Chords are a set of 53 chords in midi format, for use with the chord function.


• All sounds make good use of the Modulation Wheel settings. 

• All sounds have the "Delay" effects OFF by default. 

• Only 50% of sounds use the "Chorus" effect.  The other 50% use no effects at all.


Fractals Soundset Audio Demo here

Fractals Soundset DEMO - 7 presets download here

The link below is a free set of 20 high resolution royalty free fractal images I created for the Fractal Soundset.

Fractals Art download here


The price of the Fractals Soundset is $10.00 usd.
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Pulse Soundset for Diva features and information

Pulse contains two folders of presets for a total of 240 presets.
"Pulse Main" folder contains 128 presets.
"Pulse Variation" folder contains 112 variation presets, created from the original 128 "Main" Soundset.

All sounds have modulations set to the Modulation Wheel.
About 90% of all sounds have modulations set to Aftertouch.
There are tweaking suggestions written into the text field of the 128 "Pulse Main" presets.

- Pulse Soundset Audio Examples -

Pulse One by Jim Alfredson

Pulse Two by Jim Alfredson

Pulse Three by Jim Alfredson

Pulse Audio Demo -by Michael Cavallo

Pulsations Audio Track -by HiEnergy

Heavily Row -by Mike Leghorn


Feel free to download the Pulse DEMO Soundset here.   Pulse DEMO Soundset

The price of the Pulse Soundset is $10.00 usd.
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Emerge Audio Demos

Emerge Demo-by Michael Cavallo

BSM-Emerge-by Floyd Fisher

HiEnergy Emerge Demo by Heiko

HiEnergy Emerge Demo2 by Heiko

Bluff Munkey Emerge Demo

Emerge Soundset for DUNE features and information.

3 main fxb sound banks contain 128 of the same sounds each.
All sounds have all FX tweaked but most are off by default.
Emerge DRY- This is the main set of 128 sounds for owners of the full version of DUNE.
This set has EQ, Distortion, and Phaser/Chorus settings, but NO Delay or Reverb used.
Emerge WET- This is the same 128 sounds, but with Delay and Reverb added to many of the sounds.
Emerge DUNE CM-LE- This set of 128 is the same sounds as the other sets, but without any FX or EQ at all.
The Emerge CM-LE set is tweaked specifically for those who have DUNE CM or LE edition.
Emerge Arp DRY- This is a set of 128 Arps made using the patches from each of the main Emerge sounds.
The DRY bank, is completely without any FX or EQ, and is tweaked for users of DUNE CM or LE.
Emerge Arp WET- This is a set of 128 Arps made using the patches from each of the main Emerge sounds.
The WET bank uses all FX available, and this one is tweaked for users of the full version of DUNE.
All sounds within the main set make good use of Modwheel and Aftertouch assignments.
All sounds contain tweaking suggestions written within the info panel.
Many Modwheel assignments were changed in the Arp sets from the original sounds.
This is so when using the Modwheel in an Arp, you will not get any vibrato modulations as are in some of
the regular presets.  Instead they are assigned to more suitable modulations for Arps.
The type of Arp is shown within the info panel of each Arp preset.


Feel free to try the Emerge Demo set here.

Emerge Demo Set

The price for the Emerge Soundset for DUNE is $10.00 usd.
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Soliton Soundbank for Zebra information.

1 Main Set - 131 presets. The standard preset pack.
2 XY Variations - 154 preset variations.
3 Arps - 102 arpeggiator presets.
4 Osc Waves - 193 wave tables.

Soliton Audio Demos

The River of Life by Mike Leghorn

The Rite of Splunge by Mike Leghorn

House n Trance by HiEnergy

Many Other Soliton Music Demos by Michael Cavallo

The main universal features regarding the Soliton Zebra bank, are as follows.
1. All presets have all 4 XY controllers assigned to various unique parameters.
2. All presets have Modulation Wheel settings.
3. All presets have information added to the info panel, and within the XY control panel.
4. Approximately 85% of presets contain After Touch setting.
5. Approximately 35% of presets have Pitch Wheel settings set to other parameters.
6. Approximately 90% of presets contain Arpeggiator settings set within the standard presets.
7. Approximately 75% of presets contain extra modules within the Module Grid.
They are turned off by default within the standard set.
8. All presets contain various tweaked FX within the FX section, which are turned off by

To download the Soliton DEMO sound bank, with included PDF information file.
Please click the link below.

Soliton Demo Bank

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